Meniscus Tear – Causes and Treatments

A knee injury can bring your life to a halt. It can greatly limit the activities you can perform. Severe knee injuries, like a meniscus tear, can occur when the knee is twisted or rotated forcefully and suddenly. Here are the main causes, symptoms, and treatments for a meniscus tear.

Causes of Meniscus Tear

Tears in the meniscus may be caused when the foot is on the ground and quick twisting or rotating motion is made with the knee. It can also happen while lifting heavy things or playing sports. The meniscus is also subject to wear and tear with age. As the meniscus gets worn out, it becomes easier for it to tear.

Symptoms of Meniscus Tear

Meniscus tears are accompanied by popping sounds around the knee joint. Pain, swelling, and difficulty in moving can occur. If your symptoms are too intense, you need to consult one of the premier orthopedic surgeons in Phoenix, such as Dr. Dewanjee at FXRX clinic, to talk about possible treatments.

Treatment for Meniscus Tear

Treatment for meniscus tears will vary depending on the severity of the tear. Minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery may be performed to repair a severely torn meniscus.

Prevention is possible by strengthening the leg muscles and practicing the correct technique when it comes to sporting activities.

If you are looking for premier orthopedic surgeons in Phoenix, call FXRX Inc. at 480-449-3979. As an orthopedic knee and shoulder surgeon in Phoenix specializing in sports medicine procedures such as rotator cuff repair, Dr. Sumit Dewanjee has performed hundreds of successful knee arthroscopies and other treatments.


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