3 Incredible Treatments by Orthopedic Surgeon Tempe AZ

Orthopedic treatments are complicated due to the fact that the musculoskeletal system is a complicated system of bones, muscles, joints, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. Malfunction or injury to any component can cause conditions leading to acute and chronic pain. The top orthopedic surgeon in Tempe AZ offers several open and least invasive surgical procedures to help patients. Here are the top treatments provided by the leading orthopedic surgeon in Tempe AZ, Dr. Sumit Dewanjee at FXRX clinic.

The top orthopedic surgeon in Tempe AZ will work closely with you to understand your unique circumstances, pain, and personal goals with medical treatment. Dr. Dewanjee is a Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeon with specialty training in knee surgery including knee arthroscopy, partial and total knee replacement, cartilage regeneration and knee arthritis treatment.

Your shoulder pain may have come from a sports injury, degenerative arthritis, overuse injury, or a traumatic incident such as a car accident. You need a shoulder specialist who can help you get back to a pain-free existence. The best orthopedic surgeon in Tempe AZ is experienced in shoulder replacement, shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff repair, instability and shoulder labral repair.

Regenerative treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy enable the body to use its natural healing potential. Platelet rich plasma represents a very exciting, low-risk procedure that has the potential to repair and regenerate damaged tissue as opposed to simply masking pain. PRP is showing great promise for the treatment of ligament injuries, tendinitis in the shoulder, elbow and Achilles, along with recent studies showing that it may provide pain relief for moderate knee osteoarthritis.

To set up a consultation with the top orthopedic surgeon in Tempe AZ, call 480-449-3979 or visit http://www.fxrxinc.com TODAY.


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